Am Meer

Sechs zauberhafte Inseln, zehn schwimmende Träume, viele hundert Kilometer Deich, der die Küstenniederungen der Nordsee schützt und auf dem mehr als 200.000 Schafe das Gras knapp und den Boden fest halten. Tausende sonnenanbetende Seehunde, zahlreiche schaukelnde Krabbenkutter, endlose Küstenrad- und Wanderwege - willkommen im UNESCO Weltnaturerbe Wattenmeer.


Sandstrand soweit das Auge reicht, Pfahlbauten als Chillout-Lounges und Restaurants, bunte Kites am Surfer-Himmel, scheinbar grenzenlose Salzwiesen, Millionen Kohlköpfe und lodernde Biikefeuer, Entspannen in der Therme - willkommen in und um Sankt Peter-Ording.


Unsere Begeisterung und Faszination für diesen Landstrich am Meer ist, wie die Menschen hier sind: „Rüm Hart – Klaar Kimming“ (Weites Herz – Klarer Horizont).


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By the Sea

Six enchanting islands, ten „floating dreams“ (as the author Theodor Storm called the fantastic Halligen - low-lying tiny islands in the Wadden Sea), many hundreds of kilometres of dykes protecting the coastal lowlands of the North Sea on which more than 200,000 grazing sheep keep the grass short and the soil firm. Thousands of sunbathing seals, numerous shrimp boats rocking on the sea, endless coastal cycle paths and hiking trails – welcome to the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site Wadden Sea.


Sandy beach as far as the eye can see, characteristic wooden beach huts on stilts used as lounges for chilling out and as restaurants, colourful kites in the surfers’ sky, seemingly limitless salt marshes, millions of heads of cabbage and the typical „Biike“ bonfires blazing away to announce the beginning of spring around the 21st of February every year, relaxing in the thermal indoor swimming pool – welcome to St. Peter-Ording and its surrounding area.


Our enthusiasm and fascination for this stretch of land by the sea is like the local people’s character around here as shown by the North Frisian idiom „Rüm Hart – Klaar Kimming“ (wide-hearted – clear horizons).


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